Game Overview

Surviving the worlds of Astra Nova

Allies and adversaries from across the Five Worlds

The World | Last Refuge

Jump into a cutting-edge, plot-driven adventure. Astra Nova enthralls with vast alien landscapes, millennia-spanning interplanetary lore & an unlikely cast of exotic characters.

Journey and explore the newly populated world of Astra Nova and its fifteen species of Starstrewn refugees who have narrowly escaped the annihilation of their home planets.

Rebuild a civilization, united by one common cause: survive a coming onslaught and assimilation from the destroyer of worlds— chaotic hive mind, the Accretion. An evolving story of mission quests has you relying on powerful technology, magic and weapons to navigate the world’s shifting terrain.

Fight with magical and action-based combat as you explore, build, develop, and engage with your fellow Starstrewn and Astra Nova’s wild flora and fauna. Uncover the world’s ancient hidden secrets—from the historic to the supernatural.

And divine the mystery of Astra Nova's authors of Creation, the Weavers, and their mischievous heralds, the Deviants.

The Player | An Envoy Ascendant

Astra Nova is a third-person POV action adventure game that empowers you, the player, in an immersive role-playing experience.

You begin by controlling the Envoy, a character chosen from six species who inhabit Astra Nova. Your goal: save the world, and perhaps the entire universe, from oblivion. No pressure, right?

In Season 1, choose between the six survivor species of the home planets of Saerinda and Abja. And in future seasons, you'll unlock further species from the remaining Five Worlds.

The Envoy explores an open world populated by various survivors of the Accretion’s Day of Destruction. You arrive in the Wildlands, a multifaceted landscape ranging from jungle to steep mountainsides to bleak wasteland.

The Quest | Explore. Unite. Fight.

Encounter the Wildland's vast array of native xenomorphs roaming the region, both prey and predator. Discover a growing network of settlements, each home to disparate communities of Starstrewn stuggling to survive.

This motley assemblage of NPCs offer up quests, level-ups, rewards, and hints to guide you on your adventure through the Wildlands—if you survive. Initially, you'll hone your skills running, jumping, climbing, fighting with magic and technological weapons, hiding, perceiving, riding, building, and trading.

As the game proceeds, you'll gather a cast of followers and supporters. As part of Astra Nova's companion system, key MPCs open up new story quest lines. And some will even join you as fellow Chosen.

These MPC Chosen provide new skills and knowledge to help you advance the Main Story Quest line. Meet these objectives to achieve Starstrewn points that enhance your Envoy abilities.

And in future campaign seasons, you'll unlock new World regions, expanding past the boundaries of the Wildlands with new mysteries, allies and threats lying in wait.

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