Project Overview

Leading the charge to change the world of gaming

The Pitch | Web3 x RPG

Astra Nova is a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid RPG that realizes the power and potential of Web3.
Say goodbye to the glut of grindy play-to-earn mechanics & empty metaverse playgrounds dominating the space. This immersive Web3 game experience draws inspiration from modern RPG classics like Final Fantasy, Destiny, Fallout & more.
The difference: traditional publishers are beholden to shareholders and corporate interests. With Astra Nova, we're realizing the potential for Web3 to shift the balance of power away from traditional gaming studios into the hands of gamers themselves.
Explore the worlds of Astra Nova and survive wild alien environs. Collect mysterious ancient artifacts and long-lost magics. Use your hard earned resources to rebuild societies, unite a fractured civilization, and fight an omnipotent force of Chaos.

The Story | End of Worlds

Five outer dimensional home worlds lie in ruin. Weakened from unending conflict, once-great civilizations fall victim to a cosmic parasite: The Accretion.
Among the remaining refugees, you escape hastily through mysterious celestial-spanning Gates to a land of final salvation and rebirth: Astra Nova.
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