Our roadmap

Phase 01 2021-2022 Research & conceptualization Team Building Whitepaper v1 Pre-Seed Sale Game Studio Partnerships Initiate Deviants NFT Asset creation

Phase 02 2022 Q1- 2022 Q4 Brand Exploration Astra Nova Website launch v1 Initial Marketing & PR Campaign Initiate Development of MVP v1 Initiate Deviants NFT Development Sign KOLs and Marketing Agencies Secure Grants Development of MVP v1 The Deviants NFT community building Demo Game Released (MVP v1) Additional Game Studio Partnerships

Phase 03 2023 Q1 Begin Investor Relations Deviants website launch Cinematic Trailer Deviants NFTs Launch

Phase 04 2023 Q2 Finalize Game Economy Hashgraph Association Incubation and acceleration services initiated Sign LaunchPad & IDO MOUs RPG Game Development Initiation

Phase 05 2023 Q3 Fundraising Rounds begin Hashgraph Association Incubation and Mentorship Underwent Lumos Hatch Accelerator Program Gotbit Incubation

Phase 06 2023 Q4 Seed Round Closed Deviants launch Finalize Game Design Document (GDD) Astra Nova V2 website development

Phase 07 2024 Q1 MENA region expansion for partnerships & collaborations. Web3 & Web2 gaming guild partnerships Astra Nova V2 website launch

Phase 08 2024 Q2 Release Teaser Game Trailer Launch Black Pass Platform - Socialfi Campaign User generated content (UGC) platform launch Demo Game (MVP) launch on major game platforms - Steam, Aethir, Epic Store & Nvidia Go Launch Black Pass - Elite Tier Membership Deviants Webtoon Launch Coin Gecko & CoinMarketCap listing $RVV Listing on a major CEX $RVV Listing on DEXs

Phase 09 2024 Q3 Deviants NFT Staking & Burning Evolved Deviants Collectibles Launch Deviants Swag Shop (Merch Shop) Development of Player Codex & game profiles 1st Battle Pass Release Introduction of voting rights - GTKN (Testing Voting Mechanisms and Protocols) Whitelabel NFT marketplace launch Implement Burn Mechanism to reduce token supply

Phase 10 2024 Q4 Release Astra Nova Bazinga 2nd & 3rd BattlePass Launch Sentinel/Mounts Collectibles Drop Corporate endorsement and game tournaments Deviants Mini-game Launch

Phase 11 2025 Q1-Q2 4th & 5th Battle Pass Launch RPG - Beta Testing Test new UGC Community Initiatives in game development Land Collectibles Drop Astra Nova Go Green Movement Dedicated wallet for Eco-charity Reaching milestones & mega burn event

Phase 12 2025 Q3-Q4 New Battle Pass Series Begins Alpha RPG testing Astra Nova RPG Game Launch Prologue Missions Unlocked Listing $RVV on Major exchanges

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