During Season 2 of Astra Nova, the player has a broader range of options for constructing their own unique character, the new Envoy. They may choose from fifteen Species, each representing the Starstrewn refugees who fled to the planet.

Elari (Elves): From the planet Saerinda, the Elari are the eldest Species. Gifted in Nature Magic and Combat, these are a people used to ruling the world.

Fielduin (Humans): Stolen from their home planet, these refugees to Saerinda are powerful in creating technology. They rebelled against Elari oppression in recent decades.

Ossodrim (Skeletons): Newly created through Chaos magic, the most recent inhabitants of Saerinda are a brutal and efficient fighting force. Their ability to access Chaos magic is developing rapidly.

Minaki (Fairies): Blessed with technological prowess, the Minaki long co-ruled the planet Abja. Their specific skill-sets are defined by the color of their hair.

Horas (Elementals): The other co-rulers of Abja, the Horas are powerful exponents of the magic of the Elements, fire, earth, air, and water. They are competent in combining technology with magic.

Onarks (Trolls): Physically powerful inhabitants of Abja, Onarks are loyal to a fault. Though their magical proficiency is minimal, their ability to use tools and impact weapons is unparalleled.

PanGuenters (Apes): Dextrous inhabitants of the tropical planet of Eamis, PanGuenters have an incredible capacity for technological advancement. They are equally comfortable on land or in trees.

Mecchoids (Robots): Constructed by PanGuenters as AI developed on Eamis, Mecchoids are their equal - some would say superior - in employing technology. Though they prefer living underground, Mecchoids are extremely adaptable.

MecGuenters (Cyborgs): The final creation of the PanGuenters on Eamis, MecGuenters are a melding of technology with organic tissue. With some concept of technology and magic, MecGuenters possess strong leadership qualities.

Insidiaens (Devils): Powerful magical beings, the Insidiaens were the first inhabitants of Sokorien. They are known for their cunning and ability to negotiate.

Saängwyr (Vampires): Skilled in agility and stealth, the sophisticated Saängwyr escaped war and betrayal on Sokorien. Their knowledge of blood makes them effective healers and medics.

Reviands (Zombies): A combination of brutality and magic, Sokorien’s Reviands have a highly advanced instinct for survival. This enables them to resist the ravages of battle and disease.

Coruscoros (Angels): Originally inhabitants of Kawaida, the winged Coruscoros are agile in air and on land. Their speed and airborne ability makes the ideal for ranged attacks.

Bodachim (Ghouls): Landborne creatures from Kawaida, the Bodachim are sturdy and strong defenders. They also have great instincts for predicting and understanding the weather.

Tingava (Aliens): The Tingavans are space nomads with a highly developed aptitude for mechanical travel. Having been exposed to many cultures over the centuries, they are excellent traders and lorekeepers.

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