Ancient Origins

A timeless conflict between order and chaos

For millennia, the fight raged on.

Two primordial celestial entities are at war for the fate of the universe:

  • The Weavers of Space-Time, beings of pure energy that believe in order and creation.

  • The Accretion, an all-consuming entity of entropy and chaos, that believes in renewal through destruction.

The battle between them raged since time immemorial, eventually spilling over into The Five Worlds.

The Accretion began corrupting the hearts and minds of all 15 species on The Five Worlds, rotting the planets to their core while the mortals ruined their own social fabric. On The Day of Destruction, The Accretion delivered its final blow, destroying The Five Worlds in one coordinated attack.

But unbeknownst to The Accretion, The Weavers had built a back-up plan—a hidden haven for the peoples of The Five Worlds.

As The Accretion’s killing stroke fell, The Weavers opened ancient portals, the Gates, sending the few survivors from each to the last refuge in the universe: Astra Nova.

Together, they must recover their strength, rebuild the wonders they lost, and prepare for the danger that will surely find them.

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