Beings of Power in the cosmos of Astra Nova


Born of the energy and light of creation.

The Weavers are beings of pure energy. They are instinctively attuned to the fabric of space-time, capable of harnessing its power at will to reshape the universe.
Having emerged into a vacuum of emptiness at a time of nothingness, they believe the way forward lies in creation. So they build, for themselves and others, things of purpose, beauty, and majesty.
They urge mortals to build bridges and mend fences instead of going to war. But they often operate with their own best interests in mind, and they have created much more than they can possibly control.
That leaves much of the universe wanting—and gives The Accretion just the opening it needs.


An entity of cold, unsparing equality.

The Accretion is a collective entity of chaos. A highly intelligent hivemind, The Accretion exists in any and all spaces where inequality produces pain.
It came to being when the wanting left by the Weavers’ absence became too much to bear. Upon gaining sentience, it felt the misery of mortals left out of the Weavers grand designs.
The Accretion began its crusade by fighting the Weavers directly, but was no match for their creativity. So it turned to other means: influencing the worlds and mortals to fight for it.
The far-reaching tactics proved too much for the Weavers, and The Accretion gained the upper hand and destroyed the Five Worlds—and Astra Nova may face the same fate.


Experiments gone awry, bred for rebellion

The Deviants are the original inhabitants of Astra Nova. The Weavers created them as test subjects for the new world and…they proved more troublesome than anticipated. Some escaped and some hid, even managing to survive.
Upon arriving in Astra Nova, you will discover clues that will reveal the hidden history lost to time: The Age of the Deviants.
Unlocking this mystery will be critical in rescuing the Deviants lost to time—and perhaps lead to new alliances and even companions.