Five Worlds

The Accretion hastened the decline of once great origin worlds.


Home to the elven Elari, human Fielduins & skeletal Ossodrim.

The Elari (Elves) were the Weavers’ first creation, and they inherited great magics from their forebears. Peace and prosperity reigned—until The Accretion introduced Fielduin (Humans) via Gates.

Upon the discovery of The Accretion’s powerful chaos magic, an Elari accidentally killed a Weaver, leading to an all-consuming civil war. The Fielduin seized the moment to rebel against their Elven overlords, with both sides drawing on chaos magic more and more.

Finally, the Humans harnessed the noxious power to raise an army of Ossodrim (Skeletons) to fight for them. But the newcomers quickly gained their own sentience, and began fighting both sides for their very existence, a bloody war that gave The Accretion the cover it needed to destroy Saerinda.


Home to the faerie Minaki, elemental Hora & Onark trolls.

For a time, Abja was home to two species that kept to their own: the Minakis (Fairies) and Hora (Elementals). Over the centuries, the societies began warring. But the Weavers stepped in and brokered a peace, decreeing that one Minaki and one Hora always be in charge.

The planet prospered under this system, aided by the joint creation of the Onarks (Trolls), strong beings built for labor. But soon the Accretion began whispering in ears.

The Hora leader became convinced the Minakis were favored, and the Hora deserved supremacy, so they began attacking their counterparts. Meanwhile, The Accretion revealed to the Onarks their own strength and power, and they marched on the ruling species with all their might, crippling the world in chaos.


Home to the apelike PanGuenters, robotic Mecchoids & cyborg MecGuenters.

With help from the Weavers, the PanGuenters (Apes) were evolved into a complex, treetop society. They built the Mecchoids (Robots) to help with menial tasks—but when the Mechs, too, evolved into sentience, they rebelled against their creators.

Seeking an upper hand, the PanGuenters built a new combination of the two species: the MecGuenters (Cyborgs). For a time there was peace. The PanGuenters lived in the trees, the Mechs underground, and the Cyborgs in between.


Home to the devil Insidiaens, vampiric Saängwyr & Reviands zombies.

The Insidiaens (Devils) were imprisoned on this planet by the Weavers. Created by the Accretion purely to cause chaos, they were stuck in stasis for centuries—until they were unwittingly freed by the Saängwyr (Vampires).

Exiled for their parasitic behaviors, the Saängwyr soon found themselves in a war with the newly freed Devils, one that ended in unlikely compromise. In exchange for safety, they created the Reviands (Zombies) as a food source for the Vampires—a cruel trick with deadly consequences.

The Zombies soon turned on their would-be predators and creators alike. Now the world is awash in chaos and paranoia, with all factions always on the offense—and always fearing for their lives.


Home to the angelic Coruscoros, ghoulish Bodachim & Tingavans aliens.

For most of history, the two species on Kawaida lived in perfect harmony. The Coruscoros (Angels) floated high in its thin atmosphere, while the Bodachim (Ghouls) stood sturdy against its harsh winds. They interacted frequently to share resources and aid one another.

Then came the arrival of the Tingavan (Aliens). Their homeworld long-since destroyed by The Accretion, this species of interstellar nomads traveled the universe, trading their wares and learnings.

When they arrive on Kawaida bringing new goods and systems of commerce with them, the Coruscoros were enamored with their things, and the Bodachim became jealous. After hundreds of years, the Tingavans received a vision to leave—but The Accretion told their new neighbors to stop them. On the eve of their departure, the Tingavan ships were robbed and crippled, leaving everyone stranded during the world’s destruction.

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